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SARTHAC Update Logs

SARTHAC Version 4.0


  1. Cloud Integration: Migrate both the SARTHAC Application and Database from physical servers to the Cloud Server by upgrading the versions of technologies.
  2. New Look and Feel: The SARTHAC Portal has been improved from a technical perspective by having a smarter design, simplified navigation, and a better user experience.
  3. Criminal Side:The Criminal Case Receiving Window, which is now a part of SARTHAC, has been launched.
    1. Grand opening by: Honb’le Chief Justice T. S. Sivagnanam and Honb’le Justice Mr. Debangshu Basak in the presence of Moloy Ghatak, Law Minister, Govt. of West Bengal and other Officials of Law Department as well as High Court at Calcutta, on 15th January 2024.
    2. Receiving window: Receives all petitions for criminal cases that were previously served on the PP Office.
    3. Verify the petitions: The received petitions undergo inspection before being digitized, scanned, and uploaded to the SARTHAC portal from the allotted work stations.
    4. Case details view: After being submitted, the petitions are made accessible to the public in a digital format, which includes the entire petition and its metadata.
    5. Inclusion of Criminal Side Advocate: Update the advocate database by adding information on criminal advocates and modifying the newly released list of GP advocates.
    6. Advocate engagement: A module was developed to upload the record of advocate engagement for a specific case
    7. Sends intimation: An intimation over SMS, email and WhatsApp is sent by SARTHAC to all relevant police stations, the SP office, and the Police Commissionerate following the submission of a petition.
    8. WhatsApp integration: SARTHAC has incorporated a new method of communication via WhatsApp messages to its stakeholders

SARTHAC Version 3.3


  1. For making easier search of engaged state advocate of a particular Petition/ Application, engaged advocate(s) details can be viewed on Case Details page only.
  2. Rule Upload Module:
    • Entering the details of West Bengal Rules (Rule Name, Rule Year, Rule File, and Reference Act Name if present), editing the existing Rule details, Deleting the existing Rule, as well as displaying the entered data through the following Rule Upload module page.
  3. Act-Ordinance view Module:
    • Display rules under corresponding act year wise.
  4. Rule Module View has been updated in a new tab of Act-Ordinance Module:
    • Repository of West Bengal rules.
    • Seamless availability of all Rules on 24x7 basis.
    • Searching any Rule by its name, year.
    • Searching any word, phrases or any specific patterns from the content of the file.
  5. Report Chart Module (Case Statistics):
    • Bar Chart facilitates for particular date interval.

SARTHAC Version 3.2


  1. GP User Module:
    • Creation of ‘GP’ user to engage of State Advocates via direct log-in.
    • A corresponding Dashboard has been designed with some graphical links which are used frequently like "State Advocate Appointment", "List of Appointed State Advocate", "Advocate wise Allotted Case Count" etc.
    • Providing page permissions to the pages that are used to access the module.
    • Menus that provide required pages (links) have given to the user.
    • After State Advocate(s) engagement the system will automatically sort the State Advocate(s) as per their seniority.
    • User can Add/Remove appointed advocates by viewing the provisionally State Advocate appointments in tabular form.
    • The user can appoint the Advocates in two ways :
      1. The manual System: writing on the counter part of the Assignment slips, signing on it and upload the scan copies of the slips.
      2. The Automatic system: An auto-generated engagement slip in pdf format will filled exactly after provisionally appointment. Then that filled engagement slip will be uploaded for final engagement.
    • The user can view/download the appointment slips in pdf format
  2. Modify SMS module:
    • Change SMS_send function and SMS class to add template id and entity_id which are fetched from database.
    • Modify SMS format view page and ajax page to add template id field.
  3. Add security checking in all pages in application to resolve the SQL injection vulnerability problem.
  4. Case file size limit approval Module:
    • The Work Station user can request to approve the scanned file size limit.
    • Database has been modified to increase the uploaded case file size.
    • Database views have been modified to give request increase the uploaded case file size.
  5. Login Security Policy Enhancement:
    • The Password policy has been changed like password must be 8 character long, minimum 1(one) capital letter, 1(one) small letter, 1(one) number and 1(one) special character.
    • The Captcha Policy has been changed like it should be long and must be alpha numeric code.

SARTHAC Version 3.1


  1. IA Type Cases:
    • A new feature has been added while receiving and submitting cases, IA type cases are those cases which are filed to get an interim order in emergency purposes of some preceding cases.
  2. Receiving Section:
    • IA Type Cases has been added in another tab under receiving section of "Petition Type"
    • IA details has to be given along with the details of Main Application to keep a track with previous cases.
  3. Case Entry Section:
    • IA Type Code, IA No and IA Year are also added in the case entry section.
    • IA Type Code, IA No and IA Year are added in the previous case entry section of case entry section.
    • Case Type/ IA Type, Case No./ IA No, Case Year/ IA Year are being checked at the time of submission of the case.
    • Three new fields for IA details showing in Case view Page.
    • Case details page has been modified - consolidated page by adding the three fields for showing and searching of data.
    • Database table has been updated by adding three new fields IA Type, IA No and IA Year.
    • Database view has been updated with newly added three columns.
    • Database query generated for all schema.
    • New Email and SMS format has been added in database.
    • Email and SMS sending function has been updated for all modules.

SARTHAC Version 3.0


  1. De-engagement/Re-engagement:
    • Generate letter at the time of re-engagement as well as de-engagement of State Advocate and stored it into the database.
    • Send email and SMS at the time of re-engagement as well as de-engagement of State Advocate and save a copy of the same into the database.
  2. Gallery Module:
    • Gallery module has been updated with new prototype.
    • Display style of thumbnails and images has been upgraded.
  3. Working role has been merged like:
    • FD-WS: One user can receive the petition and entry the petition simultaneously.
    • Office-Update_GP: One user can update Master details and can play the role of GP user for advocate engagement simultaneously.
  4. Server load Graph of Admin Dashboard:
    • Display style of Server load graph of Admin dashboard has been enhanced.
    • Graph now can perform well in Windows Server as well as Linux server.
  5. Enhanced security policy has been added/applied in the application.
  6. User will automatically logged out after a certain time of inactivity.
  7. Prevented from malicious file upload so that RFI (Remote File Inclusion) attack could be neutralized.
  8. JavaScript libraries updated to the latest versions.
  9. Display mechanism of data has been upgraded for making safer and faster loading.
  10. Used modernized technique for speeding up images loading.
  11. Case entry module:
    • Fetching data in normalized form for speeding up case entry operation.
  12. SA Engagement module:
    • Fetching data in normalized form for speeding up state advocate engagement.
  13. Case details view created for each role differently.
  14. Fetching data from high court using proper web service.
  15. eConference module:
    • Conference could be initiated by any stakeholder taking any or all other stakeholders in the loop.
    • This facilitates-
        • e-consultation by the Govt. Departments with the State Advocates, and
        • giving/seeking instant instructions to/by the State Advocates.
    • One can submit his/her comment by either pressing enter button or press “Send” button.
    • Different stake holder’s comments have been distinguished using different colour.
    • Any stakeholders can upload files.
    • File attachment has a file size limit for a single file and for a single case, one can request for increasing file size limit.
    • File size limit approval can be done by Administrator.
  16. Act-Ordinance Module:
    • Repository of state acts & ordinances.
    • Seamless availability of all State Acts and Ordinances on 24x7 basis.
    • Searching any Act by its name, year and type.
    • Searching any word, phrases or any specific patterns from the content of the file.

SARTHAC Version 2.4


  1. Respondent Office:
    • Respondent Office Status Changed.
    • Status of all the Respondent Offices are marked as Invalid those were previously replaced with Invalid Office.
    • The Respondent offices details searching and sorting with all relevant parameters.
  2. Case Module:
    • Before finally submission of a Case reverification of Case Type, Case No. and Case Year.
    • The Respondent Offices with change of status other than finalized will be reflected on the Respondent Officer entry section.
  3. Receiving Receipt format changed by removing case details and adding petitioner advocate details for internal use section.

SARTHAC Version 2.3


  1. Nodal officer:
    • Case statistic of the Logged In Department in graphical manner.
    • Case Details of the Logged In Department.
    • Letters from SARTHAC to Logged In Department.
    • Engaged Advocate of Logged In Department.
  2. Testimonial Module:
    • Public can enter their details into Testimonial Entry Page.
    • Admin should approve which testimonial to be displayed.
    • The approved testimonial will be displayed on Testimonial as well as Home page.
  3. Departmental Advocate Panel Added.
  4. Gallery:
    • Gallery to publish images.
    • Unpublished and delete options are also present in datatable.

SARTHAC Version 2.2


  1. Allotment Module:
    • Petition receiving modified with Judge Name Field with categories like "Justice", "Chief Justice", "Acting Chief Justice".
    • If received from department:
      • Departmental Advocate Names can be entered with a comma separator.
      • Date of Forwarding Letter From Advocate can be given.
      • Case can be uploaded without Writ Copy (CAN).
    • Modification of Receipts.
    • Algorithm changed for modification and deletion of Case from Receiving List.
  2. Case Details Module:
    • Case details can be searched category wise like Petitioner's Details, Respondent Details, Date Range etc.
    • Designation wise search added.
    • Department wise search added.
    • View Page of Nodal officer, Respondent, Respondent office.
    • Type ahead added to drop down menu.
  3. Assignment Sheet:
    • Assignment sheet generation after uploading petition, in which GP will write the name of advocate(s) who have/has been allotted for that particular case. Engagement should be done very quickly through assignment sheet.
  4. Upload Document Module:
    • To upload documents received from department for saving for future use.
  5. Inactivation/Activation Features:
    • State Advocate and Respondent Office can be mark as inactive, this should be done from administration end.
  6. Admin Dashboard:
    • Login details of each user type.
    • Attendance Page converted to Server Side Datatable.
    • Permission to admin for resetting data.
  7. Report:
    • Website Hit Details.
    • Allotment Report - no of cases allotted to each user.
    • Alloted to versus Completed by wise list of Cases.
  8. State Advocate Appointment:
    • Generation of SyGen No. after finalizing of State Advocate Appointment.
  9. Issue Approval Module added:
  10. Master module:
    • Nodal officer, Respondent, Respondent office converted to Server Side Datatable.

SARTHAC Version 2.1


  1. Home Page:
    • New addition of "Total Submitted Cases" statistics.
    • Report Chart Module (Case Statistics):
      • Bar Chart representation of Daily basis received cases.
      • Bar Chart facilitates hour basis received case.
    • Modification in Responsive behaviour.
  2. View Pages:
    • Modification in displaying contact details of Respodent Officers.
    • Modification in Case Details View modal.
  3. Allotment Module:
    • Modification of searching Facility by Case No.
    • Petition receiving modified with modified Judge Name Field.
  4. State Advocate Appointment Module:
    • Modification in SA Engagement List.
  5. Admin Dashboard:
    • Modification in Allotted versus Completed Task statistics details.
  6. User Job Role:
    • New Job role called "Office Update" is created for manage Respondent data.

SARTHAC Version 2.0


  1. Allotment Module:
    • Petition receiving modified with criterion required by the department.
    • Modification of receiving details after allotment of case.
    • Check option if any of the data is not available.
    • Request to cure option if any of the petition is need to be cured before receiving.
    • Request to cure slip generation and taking print out of the same.
    • Deletion of case info if any error occured at the time of receiving of petition.
  2. Case details Module:
    • Petition entry modified at respective work station.
    • Send Email and SMS to State Respondent(s) and Nodal Officer(s) of Respondent Departments' after submission of case with petition's scan copy.
  3. State Advocate Appointment Module:
    • Appointing one or more state advocate(s) for a particular case.
    • Print out can be taken of provisionally appointed advocate as well as list without advocate to take signature from Government Pleader if needed for State Advocate Appointment.
    • Submitting details of State advocate appointment with letter generation and sending emails and sms. And store generated letters and emails and sms into the database.
    • Sending Emails and SMS to appointed State Advocate(s) of respective Case.
    • Sending Emails and SMS to State Respondent(s) and Nodal Officer(s) of Respondent Departments' of respective Case.
    • Displaying respondent intimation letter and state advocate appointment letter, those were saved into database earlier for taking printout.
    • Deassign / Reassign of State Advocate.
  4. Dashboard Module:
    • Admin Dashboard to display Allotted versus Completed Task, Active Users, Server Load Percentage, Today's Attendance.
    • Workstation Dashboard to display and print state advocate appointment letter and respondent letter after advocate has been appointed for a particular case.
  5. Master Module:
    Entering the details of master data as well as displaying the entered data through the following master module pages-

    Article, Frank Details, Frank Recharge, Frank Transction, Frank Rate, Email Format, Sent Emails, SMS Format, Sent SMS, Credentials, High Court Holidays, Request To Cure Master, Upload Logo.

  6. Administration Module:

    This module includes administrative operations like Resetting Password, User Working Desk(Job Role).

  7. Reports:
    • Printing State Advocate Appointment Letters after Appointment of State Advocates.
    • Printing Respondent Letters after submission of the cases.
    • Today's Attendance.
    • Search and Print Advocate Wise Case Count.
    • Search and View List of Appointed State Advocate.
  8. There are also several pages like About Us for defining HCCMC and Sarthac and Contact Us page receiving message and own profile modifying page.

SARTHAC Version 1.0


  1. Allotment Module:
    • Petition receiving with criterion required by the department.
    • Acknowledgement generation and taking print out of the receipt.
    • Allotting the cases to the work station users those who are active.
    • View allotment monitoring for admin user.
  2. Case details Module:
    • Petition entry at respective work station.
    • Display list of petitions and scan copy of petitions.
  3. State Advocate Appointment Module:
    • Appointing state advocate for a particular case.
    • Print out can be taken of provisionally appointed advocate as well as list without advocate to take signature from Government Pleader if needed for State Advocate Appointment.
  4. Dashboard Module:
    • Admin dashboard to display allotted versus completed task, active users, server load percentage, today's attendance, resetting password.
  5. E-sender Module:
    • Send email to respondent and advocate by an operator.
  6. Helpdesk Module:
    • Entering details of incoming call.
    • Displaying last five details of that particular call.
  7. Master Module:
    Entering the details of master data as well as displaying the entered data through the following master module pages-

    Act, Case Type, Court, Group, Subhead Master, Nodal Officer, Respondent Designation Master, Respondent Master, Respondent Office Master, Respondent Office Type Master, State Advocate Category Master, State Advocate Master, User Desk Mapping, User Master, User Type Master, User Working Desk, District Master, State Master, Subject Master.