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Systemized Administration & Regulation of Tendering and Handling All Court Cases (SARTHAC)” envisages (1) bridging communication gap between State Advocates and Respondent Departments of the State Government, (2) digitising petitions and other case records and (3) maintaining data pertaining to court cases required to be dealt by various Department of the Government of West Bengal, so as to ensure speedier disposal of the court cases.

Law Department, Government of West Bengal, invite applications within 15 days from the date of publication of this advertisement from the eligible candidates for appointment of 500 Notaries in the State of West Bengal in FORM-I / FORM-II, as the case may be, appended to the Notaries Rules, 1956 and in term of the said rules.

The applicants shall submit the filled in FORM along with all necessary credentials/ Supporting documents (in PDF) to the Law Department through official email ID within fifteen days from the date of publication of the advertisement in the daily newspapers.

Click here to download the FORM-I.
Click here to download the FORM-II.