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"Systemized Administration & Regulation of Tendering and Handling All Court Cases (SARTHAC)" envisages:-

  1. bridging communication gap between State Advocates and Respondent Departments of the State Government,
  2. digitising petitions and other case records and
  3. maintaining data pertaining to court cases required to be dealt by various Department of the Government of West Bengal, so as to ensure speedier disposal of the court cases. The SARTHAC web portal, hosted at cloud storage, has presently two sides:-
    1. Civil Side and
    2. newly initiated Criminal Side.

SARTHAC is thus involved, in the process of receiving the Writ Petitions/ Memo of Appeals, CAN Applications, all sorts of Criminal matters related Petitions including Bail and Anticipatory Bail matters etc., scanning those documents, uploading those to the website and in the event of the Ld. Government Pleader’s and/or Public Prosecutor’s engaging any Ld. State Advocate, upload the details of the same in the website, providing a seamless means of litigation oriented information to the Respondent Departments of the State Government and State Advocates, on a real time basis.

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